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Elaine Hampton, Ph.D., retired Associate Professor and Department Chair of Teacher Education
at UTEP, was a fellow at the NSF evaluation training at Western Michigan University, and has
led program evaluation projects at four research universities as well as the W.K.Kellogg-funded
education initiative in Doña Ana County. In addition to writing environmental education
curricula, she has written four books, five chapters in scholarly books, and is first author of
sixteen peer reviewed journal articles. Her long career as an award-winning educator and
educational researcher include experiences on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border: teaching
sixth graders in an abandoned school bus on the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez; joining a woman in
Juárez as she negotiated the complexities of poverty in her quest for education; researching
schools in factory communities in Mexico; partnering with Mayan weavers deep in southern Mexico;
teaching middle school science; and collecting mental characters to mold into her stories.

STEM Educational Consultants

Educational consulting and program evaluation.

Services for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (STEM) include:

  • Assistance in Writing Proposals for External Funding
  • Program Evaluation
  • Educational Consulting
  • STEM Curriculum Development
  • Se habla español


Visit BAQed.utep.edu ~ Free lesson plans on AIR QUALITY for K-12 classes in Spanish and English.

Visit ProjectDignidad.org ~ The project to 1) provide a shelter for women in Chiapas who want to attend high school or university but are prevented because of isolation or sexual abuse and 2) implement sexual abuse prevention education campaigns across the state of Chiapas. Also available on the website is sexual abuse prevention material in English and Spanish.

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